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Authenticated Early Debit Order (AEDO)

AEDO is a collection service that allows you to load future-dated, irreversible collections on third party accounts.

Consumers are able to mandate future-dated deductions off from their bank accounts, for the payment of insurance premiums, loan repayments and asset purchases etc, through the use of their bank card and pin .

AEDO collections are processed as closely as possible to salary and wage credits to minimize defaults on obligations In the event that funds are not available in the account on the day of collection, transactions can be tracked for up to 32 days to maximise collections success.

The benefits of AEDO

Improved collection rates

Your collection rates will improve, particularly in lower income segments where the risk of payment being declined due to lack of funds is higher. Naedo also allows you to monitor debtor accounts proactively for up to 32 days and make collections as soon as funds become available

Non repudiation

As Aedo transactions are authenticated by the bank account holder, they cannot be disputed. You can have peace of mind knowing that instalments that are successfully collected cannot be reversed as a result of a dispute


To accommodate your business model there is a choice of fixed, and portable terminals, to enable you to set up your Aedo collections wherever you are.

Speed and efficiency

Full transactional reporting and maintenance is available through convenient channels . Transaction reporting is updated in real time to give you an accurate status on your transaction Collections are traceable back to the client , allowing for quick and easy reconciliation.

World class service and support

Our service and support teams are always on hand to attend to your needs and queries. We aim to ensure that your Aedo service is always up and running so you can focus on the running you business.

For more information on how to become an AEDO user, contact your Transactional Banker.

Contact details

Collection Queries at Standard Bank - 0860 109 231
Altech NuPay Call Centre - 011 617 1750